The Simplest Definition Of Low Flat Panel Semi-trailer

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Low flat panel semi-trailer vehicle parts no bar, wide range of uses, mainly for long-distance freight transport. Series trailer frame to put beams, Stringer uses straight-goose-neck type. Web height from 400mm to 550mm, Stringer uses automaticsubmerged-arc welding, blasting of the frame, beams into the longitudinal beamsand welded as a whole. Composition series Dry Springs and suspension bearing, reasonable structure, strong rigidity and strength, used to load slow impact.

Low flat half trailer usually used to transport heavy car (as tractor, and bus, and dedicated car,), and track vehicles, and mine with machine forestry machine, and agricultural machine (as excavator, and bulldozers, and mount machine, and paving machine, and crane,) and the other overload goods, its gravity more low, stability and security more good, transport super high goods and through head obstacles of capacity on more strong.

Low flat half trailer structure and mount low flat half trailer usually used concave beam type (or well type) frame, both frame Qian paragraph for goose neck (goose neck Qian paragraph of traction pin and tractor Shang of traction saddle seat connected, goose neck Hou end and half trailer frame connected), middle for goods Taiwan (frame minimum part), Hou end for round frame (containing wheels).

When loading the machine onto the low flat panel semi-trailer, usually after the trailer-mounted mechanical equipment, which moved from above the rear wheel mechanical device or remove the wheels and mechanical equipment will be fixed on the trailer.

Low flat panel semi-trailer walking structures using high-strength steel international, vehicles light weight and ensuring its resistance to twisting, seismic, ability to withstand bumps, different pavement bearing capacity.