Simple Definition Of Dump Truck Semi-trailer

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Dump semi-trailer applies to coal, ore, construction materials, transport of bulk cargo in bulk.

Dump semi-trailers by purpose can be divided into two broad categories:Belongs to a class of non-highway transportation of heavy and ultra heavy duty dump trailers, mainly responsible for the large-scale mining, engineering and transportation, usually supporting the use of excavators.

Another belongs to light medium conventional dump trailer for road transport ismainly responsible for sand, clay, coal and other bulk cargo transportation, usuallyused with the loader.

1. After a car rollover and dump method can effectively improve the efficiency of handling bulk bulk cargo transport.

2. Frame and carriage longitudinal beams are made of high quality manganese plates welded together, containers will throughly purge his floor, and a rectangle in two ways. With high strength, lifting strength, stiffness, toughness, high bearing capacity, and no permanent distortion.

3. Sophisticated technique: the main parts of equipment manufactured by Stringerhas automatic submerged-arc welded together, used for accurate Assembly of theaxle, steel plate spring Assembly machine.