Matters Relating To Maintenance Of Semi-trailers

- Feb 23, 2017 -

1. See tire

Visual tire pressureVisually see no shortage of gas and debris, and then see the rim deformation, cracks and so on.

2. Check screws tightness

Pneumatic drill screwsThe details we don't want trouble, should be individually check each screw is fastened, ran a screw is the way things run away a tire is also money can solve, but ranout of the accident but regretting it. Apply the word "tire is no small matter", hopeyou remember.

3. Look at the hanging system on line

Look at all the tightness of nuts and bolts, u-shaped bolt, it is related to whether tires.

4. Shook his leg to ensure that normal

Leg checks must shake up the shake test a few times, then look at the welding point there is no fracture, especially now that runs the new friends, be sure to take note of this.

5. Touch moving parts wear

View plate, locking cylinder screwReach out and touch the cardboard hinges and box hook, instrumentation, container locks and other widgets to see if cracked broken phenomenon.

6. Check all lighting and reflective marking paste

Check the electric roadTouch is not on the line, and turn on the lights to see if bad light, reflective logo short not short, sure kayou reflective logo on the road defects have been fined.

7. Tractor and trailer brake connections

CAB dashboardAfter starting the car to see enough of the barometer, a foot brake brakes try again and see.

8. Have brake leak

Get off and listen to the voice there is no leak of test really work when you brake.