Driverless Truck Entering A California Truck Driver Will Unemploy

- Dec 26, 2017 -

The United States introduced an electric truck last week equipped with its second-generation semi-autonomous driving technology. Fully automated driverless trucks are expected to be introduced as early as the end of next year and will bring dramatic changes to people's lives. Experts say most Canadians are not yet ready for this, and a large number of truck drivers are at risk of losing their jobs.

According to CBC, the Tesla Semi is the latest electric semitrailer for Tesla, a US electric car company. Several companies, including Tesla, have come close to developing fully automated driverless vehicles that can be used on regular roads and are expected to be introduced in the United States at the earliest before the end of next year, followed by Canada soon.

Paul Godsmark, chief technology officer at CAVC E, said the impact of driverless trucks will be far-reaching.