Considerations When Using Semi-trailer

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Turning angle blind spot when there are no pedestrians, especially riding a car battery, silent strike. Tire be sure to check well before.

When reversing the direction is reversed, slow slow, not too loud, eyes ears in distress not to panic.

Vehicle check is a must if you took a trip must be checked include: vehicle axle screw drive screws Horn lights tire pressure of the essential nature of these accidents is that these points.

Driving careful not to move the steering wheel as the body grows up turn on the dynamic rollover may occur should pay more attention to try to hit a surplus of space to dump or tail to pass easily to humans.

Do not use "from the rear brake first" approach to the break-in of the brakes. While this might be comparatively less impact on engine braking, but may dangers, but once the habit is worse. Finally, remind you of the company, a new car during therun-in period should always check engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte is sufficient, find missing must supplement. After reaching the factory mileage, vehicles from the first check in time to the service station maintenance, oil change, filter, etc, andoverhaul the chassis system. Completed its first means trailers had a run-in periodsmoothly, we can better serve you.