Analysis On Semi Trailer Maintenance Of Common Sense

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Trailer for summer maintenance must first anti-slipping noted the rainy season. Semi-trailer sideslip occurs in addition to drivers with good driving habits and skills,brake and tire maintenance is the key to safe driving, so be sure to pay attention to maintenance in daily use. Maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps.

(1) The body waxing glaze. Rains of acidic components in automotive coatings have a very strong corroding. More rains, better surface car beauty.

(2) The chassis rust. Removing paint, chassis as close to the ground, corrosive, sowe must pay attention to the vehicle chassis cleaning and treated against rust.

(3) Trailers and disinfection. Clean inside the vehicle during the rainy season, avoidall kinds of bacteria is more dangerous.

(4) To check the circuit. The rainy season should always check the vehicle's electricalsystem, to avoid leaks.

(5) Heat on a regular basis. Open the heater can be roasted in the mold. When theSun, may be parked in the sun exposure to the Sun, open the window and air convection.

Semi trailer maintenance often can effectively extend the life of semitrailer, for safedriving has a necessary role.