Analysis Of Dump Semi-trailer

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Dump truck tipper vehicles equipped with the passenger compartment. Also known as dump trucks, construction vehicles, vehicle chassis, hydraulic lifting bodies, composed of power equipment and cargo van.

In civil engineering, with excavators, loaders, conveyors, such as joint operations, constitutes a loading, transportation and unloading lines, Earth, sand, loose bulk materials handling and transportation.

Because the loading compartment can automatically tilting angle discharge, savingunloading time and labor, and shorten the period of transport, improving production efficiency, reduce transportation costs and indicate the loading volume. Is often used to transport machinery.
Description: engine, chassis and cab structure and trucks are the same.

Cars can be overturned or lateral tilting, by manipulating the system to control movement of the piston rod, tipping after more common to push piston rod cars overturned. A few double tipping. High pressure oil distribution into the lifting hydraulic cylinder valves, tubing, the cars front end cab safety guard.

Car hydraulic tipping body assigned by the fuel tank, hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic lifting cylinders, control valves and tubing and other components. Engine transmissions, power take off unit driven hydraulic pump, high pressure oil distributioninto the lifting hydraulic cylinder valves, tubing, push the piston rod cars overturned. Later to the tipping of the more common, by manipulating the system to controlmovement of the piston rod can cause the car to stop at any tilt position. Cars using its own gravity and hydraulic control reset.

Dump truck load weight is the main technical parameter and indicates the loadingvolume. Commissioning a new car or repair factory car must be so smooth no carlifting series. Parts should be required when using the correct selection of lubricant, saving unloading time and labor, pay attention to lubrication cycle, lifting mechanism strictly scheduled replacement fuel. Load shipment never overload.