Liangshan ZhongXing Machinery Manufacturer Landing Shanghai Auto Mechanika

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Liangshan ZhongXing machinery manufacturer landing Shanghai Auto mechanika


Liangshan Zhongxing machinery Manufacturer is one of the professional production enterprises, with the high quality products and industry experience, zhongxing suspension system get the domestic and overseas market zhongxing team solidarity and collaboration, deal with many customers in fair .


Pakistani customers are very satisfied with our American mechanical suspension, deal with us one the fair .


This exhibition, the concern of air suspension, customers especially like German-style air suspension and German axle, our research and design of the air suspension greatly reduces fuel consumption and tire consumption, saving operating costs.


According to the new regulations, from 1st,Jan, 2019, disc brakes and air suspension will be forced to be installed on hazardous chemicals trucks, low-plate semi-trailers and barn trucks. The main push of the exhibition air suspension, in order to meet the development needs of the domestic market. After the exhibition precipitation, our sales team full harvest. 2018,11.28, let us meet Shanghai Pudong, we see it.