Trailer a break-in period of maintenance

- Feb 23, 2017 -

First, before moving to conduct a comprehensive inspection, requirements and reliable hosts are properly connected, the normal braking system, tire pressure to comply with the requirements shall not be loose, cracking and deformation.

Second, the quality and limit load, not overloading. of goods should be distributed evenly in the Interior, in order to avoid transport of dangerous slopes.

Third, the new trailer adjustments. Running load must not exceed the rated load of 80%; medium-speed of about 150 km, should observe the bearing, wheel hub temperature and leaf springs, wheels and other fasteners are tightened, so every 40 km of fastening fastening three times on a Web site, can be used normally.

Finally, run should pay attention to check brake if a fever, no smell, running gear change, if not normal, should immediately stop checking out.

Finally, every 500 hours, tire bearing clearance should be checked. Check car top, round, there should be no vibration; if there was a vibration, you should adjust. shaft slot method is to remove the bearing cap nut, head-end, then return to 1/6, bearing clearances around the zero point is 25 mm.