Need to focus on maintenance of the semi-trailer accessories

- Feb 23, 2017 -

We all know that wants to extend the life of semitrailer, semi-trailer maintenance isessential, here we will highlight the need to focus on how to check trailer parts:

First,Engine oil check

Park your vehicle on a level surface. Travel size check whether the oil slick (f) and(l) two flags, within normal limits, if less than (l). Should be added to the specifiedoil level, oil level cannot be higher than the liquid level (f).

Second, the engine coolant level check

Engines engine State, do not open the radiator CAP, otherwise it may be spilled coolant or steam burns. After cooling of the engine and check the coolant level should be fully and lower position. Otherwise, should use distilled or purified water (notadd mineral water) or refrigerated liquid, add water to the liquid height should not exceed. If the coolant is rapidly in a short time, the cooling system should be checked for leaks or check.

Third, the brake pads checked

A new brake pad thickness in 1.5cm, with the use of constant friction and thicknesswill gradually become thinner. Professional recommendation, when visualizing brake pad thickness has left the 1/3 layer (0.5), post frequency increases owner ready to replace. When the brake pad gets thin braking effect will be affected, and we need to press the brake pedal a deeper realization of the original light braking effect, significantly reduced in the first half of the braking effect, many people feel the brakes are soft, a little brake do not live, it will check whether the brakes need to bereplaced at this time.