Long-distance transport semi-trailers in matters related to

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Trailer is the best transport long-distance transport can help for a full range of transportation vehicles, goods can be quickly transported to the destination. Semi-trailer for long-distance transport, must understand the relevant issues to guaranteethe security of semi-trailers in long distance transportation. Following a comprehensive understanding of the semi-trailer of long-distance transport related matters.

Long-distance transport semi-trailers in matters related to:

Semi-trailer at startup, starts not too hard. Start clutch half joint, gently stepping on the accelerator pedal, the engine does not stall cases smaller output power to suit low friction coefficient of bingxuelu surface, avoid driving wheels skidding. If thedriven wheel slip, to weed out the wheel under snow and ice, and sprinkle in a driving wheel of dry sand, cinder, firewood and other items, or iron pickaxes road plane into the "x" or "y"-shaped Groove, to improve adhesion of the driving wheels.When their tires have been frozen while on the ground, should use picks dug a tirearound the ice, soil, prevent damage to tires and drivetrain parts.

For snow and ice-covered surfaces, cannot directly distinguish the road and ditchand road conditions, should be based on carefully observation of roadside trees,road signs, water pipes, and that involves routes, as far as possible along the middle of the road, or thin snow. If there are ruts along the rutted road, when the ruthas been frozen and a deep, rutted road. If the snow is too thick, to weed out andthen passed. If through corners, ramps, Valley, mountain and other dangerous, suspicious, should stop identifying the circumstances, then, can not be adventures.