How to realize the trailer weight

- Feb 23, 2017 -

Semi-trailer to be lightweight, recommends the following several aspects:

1, lower plate thickness

Reduced plate thickness, the steel is used, the label high, because of the high standard steel, strength, toughness, resistance to fatigue, guarantee the firmness of asemi-trailer.

2, lower axle weight

Trailer axle and suspension nearly two tons, through light axle, disc brakes, 4 leafsprings, new lugs, tubeless tyre, single approach to achieving its lightweight.

3, suspension

Adopts airbag suspension, general application that rarely.

4, lower the weight of the accessories

Trailer accessories include bumpers, lateral protection nets, mesh-style spare tire rack, Toolbox, tarpaulin, may be appropriate to reduce the weight of these accessories to achieve lightweight trailer.

In addition, the semi-trailer to be lightweight, rationality first of all must be taken into account, so as to avoid excessive pursuit of lightweight, load of reduced security risk increases, would mean lower earnings, worth.